I am really getting annoyed with Twitter. I don’t use it all the time. I tend to go in spurts where I will post a dozen in a day and then nothing for a couple days, but it seems that a large percentage of the time, the darn thing is broken in some way. Sometimes I don’t see tweets from my friends, sometimes it randomly drops them, sometimes nobody gets through, and then sometimes – like today – none of my tweets are getting through.

Early on, I would chalk it up to growing pains as the service has exploded in usage and certainly servers need to be upgraded etc. The frequency of twitter outages has also increased. They don’t last long, but I am really getting tired of seeing this stupid little bird.


I really thought I hated the previous image of a cat with a screwdriver working on a computer… but the bird is much more aggravating.

So will I stop using Twitter? Heck, I still don’t even know WHY I use twitter… I’ll probably stick to it – but that doesn’t mean I won’t criticize. I just won’t be able to actually criticize USING twitter because it don’t work so well. 🙂