I have known Davad Sneed for right at twenty years and through that time we have always gotten along. Actually, it’s more than just getting along – he often refers to it as sharing a brain. I think it started with D&D at college (yeah, we spent more hours rolling dice that attending class,) but we quickly discovered we both loved basketball and played almost every day for up to four hours at a time (yeah, the waistline looked a lot better then.)

While cleaning my house, I found some old VHS tapes of some games we shot sometime around 1996 or 97. I uploaded to YouTube a sequence of a five shot hit streak we made enroute to one of our many driveway victories. Not only was it fun to watch the game from the standpoint of the slimmer waistlines – it brought to mind that connection we have always had as friends. I took some screen shots with my camera so forgive the resolution, but this excerpt shows a loose ball that I grabbed, whipped a behind-the-back-pass to Dave, who tossed it up and in. There was no talk, not even a glance at each other – it was all a matter of Dave knowing what I would do, me knowing what he would do and trusting that the other wouldn’t let you down.


I was grinning ear-to-ear while watching this. If you want to see it with some actual motion, here is the YouTube link.