A couple of things prompted me to whip out the camera and take a snap recently. First off, my favorite candy has always been the Reese’s Cup. It has gone through a few hits and misses as they have tried Big Cups, Inside-Out Reeses, Caramel Reeses, and a few others. The latest incarnation is the Elvis’ Peanut Butter & Banana Creme version. It was a must-try.

My review? The banana flavor plays really well with the traditional Reese’s Cup. The only down side is that the banana-creme is a bit too sweet. The weird thing was that they call it a “Collector Edition” – do people collect candy bars?

Next up, I was in Kroger a couple days ago buying groceries and was surprised to see that this whole Hurricane Dean thing has the local populace running around a bit loony as usual… absolutely every bottle of water was sold out.

I find it humorous to see how people freak out so easily. You know how I survived the whole freeway fiasco of Hurricane Rita? Uh… I stayed home.

All I know is that if the world does devolve into some version of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, I am going to do just fine. I think it was Hank Williams Jr. that said “A country boy can survive.” 🙂