Kudos to PepsiCo… they certainly have me giving them a lot of press. I am not sure what my fascination with Mountain Dew is, but I just keep finding Dew-related items to blog. First was LiveWire, then the skinny bottles, then was the Baja Blast, now it’s the limited edition run of Mountain Dew Game Fuel.


The product is supposed to be out for only twelve weeks starting on August 13th, but the Wal-Mart here in Lake Charles, Louisiana has stacks and stacks of the 12packs and the 2liter bottles. Billed as “an invigorating blast of citrus cherry flavor,” it is actually pretty good. It has an almost-orange color with a tinge of red and a very good cherry flavor – good stuff.

The Halo 3 promotional label is pretty cool too and will no doubt find its way into the glasses of countless gamers. With 48mg of caffeine per 8 ounces, they should have no trouble gaming the night away. Crap, I probably shouldn’t have had two glasses of this just before midnight.