When the fire alarm at your hotel goes off at 3AM – what do YOU grab? Here’s what made my list


stylin’ shades
fat wallet
keys to my ride
voice recorder *
cell phone
contact solution
room key
lonestargridiron.com cap (for the game we’re covering)
lonestargridiron.com shirt (for the game)
the camera a took the shot with *

* Being a good citizen journalist, I couldn’t leave without the tools to tell the story. Look for photos on Flickr when I get some time – the audio is hard to listen to because the alarm is such a piercing sound.

It’s also interesting to see what I chose to leave. While making time to get a specific selection of clothing needed for my gig tonight, I left behind the laptop, the iPod, my iPod boombox, the rest of my clothes, and all the various cables/connectors/etc. Bleary-eyed and tired, I think I chose well – just the stuff I needed to a) tell this story and b) do the podcast tonight. The rest is just “stuff.”

Oh yeah, and my apologies to my brother, Tim who was “ass called” when I shoved everything in my pockets on the way out. He didn’t need to wake up at 3AM too… my bad!