88point7546.JPGI have always went to sleep with the sound of something in my ears. I don’t play it very loud – just enough to hear in the still of the night. In fact, I leave it running all day and if you are standing in the room during the daytime, you can’t even hear it. Only when there is nothing running in the house and it is right beside my head on the night stand can it be heard.

I normally don’t head to bed until around 1 to 2am so for the past five or six years, it has been listening to Art Bell and George Noory on Coast to Coast AM. The is entertaining, creepy, and mostly fun. After resting a glass of ice water that condensated into my radio, frying it, I had to get a new one.

The new one does allow me to jack in the iPod and listen to podcasts at night as well as radio. The problem was that the new one didn’t get AM radio very well – no more C2C. For a while I was playing podcasts but found I would miss large portions of the shows when I created an all-night playlist and thus decided I would save podcasts for my waking hours. After getting bored creating a different music playlist each night, I decided to tune to KUHF FM 88.7 – the local classical music station. Wow, was this a good idea.

Not only does it get me totally relaxed in no time at all, but I have found that my dreams are dramatically different. I have always had dreams that are nothing short of amazing, but rarely do I remember them, and rarely do I wake up with a feeling that I have been watching a great movie. In the four days since making the switch to classical, I have done it every night. The realism in the dreams are better than ever. I wake up with a big grin each morning and lay there thinking about that nights adventures. Give it a try – we’re not talking about some university study that proves a correlation, just my observations… but it works for me.