What is the most over-the-top genre of films? It has to be the “shoot ’em up.” What happens when you take that genre and push it even further? You get a “shoot ’em up” titled Shoot ‘Em Up! I had such a good time last night watching this film. You already know that Clive Owen is one of my favorite actors, but he outdid himself on this one.

cliveowenshoot1.jpgOwen, as Mr Smith, is one part James Bond, one part Rambo, one part Schwarzenegger, and four parts explosive fun. Add in a side order of the gorgeous and talented Monica Bellucci and you have a formula for a good film. All you need is a good story, right? NOPE, you don’t need a good story, any old schlock will do – you just need to crank up the action beyond anyone’s ability to suspend disbelief and you are treated to the best action film since 300.

Sure, its all gratiutious. Sure, not a frame of it makes much sense. The bottom line is that some excellent films don’t need believability – was Sin City a true story? Did everything in Finding Nemo make sense? Of course not. This film is 100% escapism… go into it thinking comic book and you will not only “believe,” but enjoy the fact that each situation gets more and more incredible.

PS. This is NOT a kids movie – it is pure adult playtime.

RATING 9 out of 10