The day started off with a bunch of work and took a turn for the enjoyable around midday. On the way to the Houston twitter meetup group, I swung by First Community Credit Union to meet with Ron and Hayden. The bank was having a “fun fair” or “kids day” or some such marketing title. The event featured pony rides, facepainting, free popcorn, cokes, a clown with balloons, a dunk booth, music, a bunch of cars for sale (I guess they need a business purpose stuck in there somewhere,) and even a camel.

There is some serious lack of trust shown here – Hayden in the camel, and my cloven friend in the guy taking the photo. Good times.

Then it was off to the twitter meetup at Star Pizza on Washington. There were about 10 people in attendance and even though I’ve forgotten most of the names already, there were some old faces and new ones. Here are a couple that I have known online only and finally met in person.

Laurie, my “stalker,” and “Kimberly” – if that is her real name. 🙂

It was great to finally mesh the online version of them with real people. More good times.