kville2107.jpgK-Ville seemed to have promise from the previews I had seen the past few weeks, but boy was I wrong. Not only is this just a run of the mill cop show, it’s not even an above average one. The storyline is typical schlock, and really that’s what kills it. It takes typical cop drama and tries to cover it liberally with a “but look, we’re in New Orleans” paint job. Yeah, we get it – the show is set in New Orleans. Yeah, we get it – New Orleans suffered because of Katrina. Yeah, we get it – there are some bad people taking advantage of the suffering. Yeah, we get it – there are still a lot of good people there. Yeah, we get it – this is a not a very good TV show.

Hey Fox – take a couple of days off from your obviously strenuous idea sessions and just watch NBC. Their transformation is what you should be copying – not the typical tired old rehashed shows in new cities. Oh, and if you are going to put anything back in N’awlins – at least hire one actor that can master the accent.