First off, the return of Heroes. In the first few minutes, I was sort of underwhelmed with the campy dialog, hollow storyline, and rehashing of the theme of the show for newcomers to the series. The surprise was that just as I was going through finding issues with the new season, the episode was suddenly over. An hour had flown by in what seemed like about 20 minutes. I guess that means it kept me interested. The last third of the show really got interesting as several new possibilities were laid out and it definitely left me wanting more.


Journeyman is the 2007 version of Quantum Leap. Instead of jumping through time and staying until he figures out and solves something, he jumps randomly, and comes back randomly. The bottom line is that like Sam Beckett, Dan Vasser doesn’t know why he has “jumped” or “journeyed” but figures it out as he goes along. He appears to have traded in Al and Ziggy for a gorgeous but dead ex-girlfriend named Livia. Does this mean I am upset at this show for obviously stealing from one of my favorite series? Nah… it’s all good – I think I am going to like this one too.

Chuck is a great premise and despite the fact that it is very corny and dangerously close to becoming lame, I will give it a couple of episodes before I make my final decision. I mean, come on, first off based on his background with tech, he would have to be my age – but then, NBC is not going to have a 40 year old Chuck. The over-the-top parody is a bit much too… a bald Chinese guy named Harry, a warehouse store called Large Mart, Nerd Herd, Buy More – cute, but it could become too cheesy. By the end of the first episode, I was smiling so that is a good sign. If it stays cute and occasionally funny, it will last.

The basic theme running through the Monday night lineup seems to be hot women in lingerie… and this is not necessarily a bad thing. I am guessing that there is a marketing deal between NBC and Victoria’s Secret. Product placement in general seems to be more blatant than any I have seen in network television. The iPhone in Journeyman, the Nissan all over Heroes, and several other “just too long pauses” over logos etc.