Well, the big hubbub over all the twitter outages has died down, but a new line of complaining is sure to begin soon. The folks at twitter are including more and more seemingly paid or pure commercial twitterings. In their latest “Exploring Twitter” email blast there is a slew of commercial users coming on board.

71Miles is using Twitter to send exclusive, limited discounts to
classy resorts and spas in California: http://twitter.com/71miles

There’s a geeky new show premiering later this month on NBC and
the character Twitters: http://twitter.com/chuckbartowski

Also coming on board is MTV’s Video Music Awards, tshirts by Reactee and others.

I have no problem with them pursuing opportunities to make money, I just think that those companies jumping in to tweet with the rest of us might want to think about interacting. The folks at NBC’s Chuck have 178 people reading this fictional character’s fictional tweets, but they are following nobody. It seems that they are missing a golden opportunity even larger than the benefit of being seen as a cool, cutting-edge company. They could get soooooo much more play by interacting with the people on Twitter, identifying the movers and shakers of this world and interacting with them… that would grow their exposure exponentially.


Hey, if you are a big name traditional company wanting to know how to make an impact in the strange world of 2.0 – drop me an email, I’ll point you in the right direction.