I was in Victoria yesterday to see the family. The first thing I noticed was the final sign of the apocalypse has manifest in the middle of Victoria, Texas. There is a Starbucks smack dab in the middle of the main drag!

Come to find out, that is like the fourth one in town. When small town America is taken over by double-latte-crappacinos the end is near.

All was made better by the trip out to the Doelle Ranch. Macy, Maddie (sp?) and I kicked back and watched the horses graze from the front poor.

Macy (left) can hold her own now, but soon Maddie, a Great Pyrenees, will grow into her enormous feet and tower above.

The dog tour continued at Brian’s house where I was introduced to Max and his amazing (if somewhat awkward looking) ability to ride a bike with Brian.

At first glance, you think pit bull when you see him, but he is actually a white boxer. His is unaware of his ability to wreak havoc with his size at times, but is a very gentle dog.

No trip to see the family would be complete without stopping off at Prasek’s Hillje Smokehouse on the way home. I kid you not – this place has the best smoked meats in the state. You may be tempted to stop at one of the many other roadside options, but do yourself a favor and hold out until you reach Hillje. It’s worth it.

Gassed up and loaded down with peppered turkey jerky – I am ready to head home… another good trip.

Dig that stylin’ hat I got from my brother Tim. Suh-weeeet.