You have certainly heard the news by now that Yahoo! is shutting down their podcast directory. If you’ve heard that, you’ve probably heard the rumblings about this being the start of a death rattle for podcasting in general. Uh, no.


Have you ever used Yahoo! Podcasts? Didn’t think so. If you have, it was either a) once or twice when it first came out or b) just to make sure your podcast was included in the directory. The bottom line is that the directory died because IT SUCKED!! It was hard to find anything, it was hard to use what you found in your personal player, it was flawed from the beginning and frankly, I’m surprised it lasted this long.

The directory looked nice, but let me say it again – IT SUCKED!!

When the XFL crashed and burned it wasn’t a sign that football was dead… ever hear of a little thing called the NFL? It was a sign that IT SUCKED!! Sure, there were one or two cool things about it, just as there were one or two good things about the Yahoo! Podcast Directory. It takes more than one or two things to make something great.

Podcasters, do not be alarmed about the state of the industry. Podcast detractors, do not be confused, “our thing” is not going away. In fact, we have reached the crest of what is about to be one hell of a big wave for new media of all sorts. Yahoo! Podcasts was not even a blip on the radar nor was it ever… it was an ill-conceived, poorly planned attempt to jump on the “me too” bandwagon that lasted longer than it should have.