Okay, it has gone on long enough now that I have to ask – what is the deal with Enbrel? For the past few MONTHS that is the only ad that has been showing up on my Google Ad. Prior to writing the entry, I had no idea what Enbrel even was – but like all good media (citizen or corporate) I did my research.


Apparently, Enbrel is used to treat arthritis, psoriasis, and a couple of other things. I am not going to get into the modality because that’s not my focus here. I’m more concerned about WHY my site has been pimping the stuff for so long. These ads are supposed to be targeted based on the context of the pages. In the past, when I talk about cycling, there have been ads for cycling-related items. When I talk about movies, you see ads for theatres, DVDs, etc.

I cannot find anything in my recent posts that discussed arthritis – the closest I have seen is a mention of a headache about three weeks ago. I haven’t even ripped on the healthcare industry recently – so what gives?

Is Enbrel just spending so much money that they have bought up ALL of the Google ad space? Is this some rabid attempt at marketing to totally non-connected audiences? Or is it just a corporate campaign to spread some of Enbrel’s side effects?

– an allergic reaction (difficulty breathing; closing of the throat; swelling of the lips, tongue, or face; or hives)
– new or worsening neurologic symptoms such as worsening muscle pain, weakness or numbness; visual disturbances; seizures
– depression or other psychological changes.
– headaches
– sinus infections

Surely, that can’t be the reason.

You know the worst part about this whole thing? Now that I have mentioned Enbrel in the post, I’ll probably have it there for another six months.

If its going to be there anyway, do me a favor and click on it so I can at least earn some Google bucks out of the deal. 🙂