Well, tomorrow I head back to Houston and thanks to the power of this whole social networking and new media phenomenon, I had a great final night off Broadway. Tom Shad (see previous entry) got me the hookup to go see the Blue Man Group.

(Tom is in the band that backs up the Blue Man Group)

They have groups playing regularly in New York, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Berlin, Oberhausen, Orlando and a tour a couple years back called The Complex Tour. The ones in bold are the ones I have seen now and even though there are a lot of similarities between the cities, there is something new in every performance. It wouldn’t matter to me if everything was identical because I absolutely love the show and the music gets me going every time I hear it.

Thank you Michael and Brian for being great hosts, thank you to all the people I met both business and casual, thank you Tom for the chance to reconnect and see my favorite show, and thank you to New York for showing this Texan a real good time.