This morning I got an interesting text message. It was from my cell provider, T-Mobile and it can be summarized as follows:

Congratulations! You can now receive AIM on your T-Mobile phone! blah blah blah – the convenience of instant messaging on your cell phone! (okay, I paraphrased) My reaction…. “whatever”

Within minutes I got this

From: 265060 Msg: Gregoryknks45: (using AOL IM)
Ever Have a Small sttock Take Off? see for yourself in VTEC Inc, VTEC is the co s
and it goes on to try to sell me on investing in what I am sure is a great company (NOT.) My reaction… (HULK SMASH!)

Another few minutes later I got a similar spam text message. Now, I’m really pissed. I didn’t ask for AIM instant messaging on my cell phone and I certainly don’t want to pay for or waste my time reading SPAM ON MY FREAKING CELL PHONE!

Next step – take all my ire, dander, and wadded panties out in a call to T-Mobile and smack ’em around.

A very bubbly assistant took my call and totally empathized with me. She worked diligently to get the AIM crap removed entirely from my package once again surprising me with their excellent customer service ala last time. Once again, all is right with the world.


T-Mobile has proven again that even in the face of what could turn out to be a public relation disaster, they do the right thing and treat the customer right. Oh yeah, and if you want to turn off AIM on your T-Mobile phone simply text “OUT” to 265023. (They probably should have included that in the initial welcome message.)