Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

That’s right – today is Blog Action Day. What does that mean? It means that bloggers all over the planet pick one day to blog about the same issue. The issue? Our environment.

So what do I have to say about the environment? Well, I am kinda partial to it. I enjoy breathing clean air and drinking clean water. Other than that, I think it has all been said before and I am pretty sure that nothing I will say in this post will be so profound as to change your opinion. I mean everyone likes clean air already right?

So how can I use this day for something more than just another kumbaya feel good session of people wanting to change the world? I guess I could give you some action step? Switch to compact fluorescents. Or turn your AC up a couple degrees. Is anyone really going to do that based on my entry? Not likely.

If the blog world wants to make a real change maybe we should focus a bit. How about doing it near an election and posting information about how candidates vote cross referenced to campaign funds received from polluters.

I may just be a bit jaded right now because I have some frustration with people who talk a big game but don’t lay out a gameplan and take action. Put down the flowers and tambourines next time and try using Blog Action Day for something more than Blog Blather Day.