ronpaul48.jpgWhat do you do when an upstart politician makes major headway in the debates and online? Well, if you’re the established oligarchy you crush him of course. Just ask Ross Perot or Howard Dean.

The spin machine is working overtime to stop the Dr. Ron Paul movement and today’s action is the most offensive yet. After a Zogby blind poll asking people who they would vote for based on his/her answers to a series of questions, most Americans voted overwhelmingly for Republican candidate Dr. Ron Paul. Almost across the board, no matter what the issue, Paul’s answers most fit with respondent’s answers. It was only among ultra right-wing conservatives given the names of the candidates did another candidate win – Rudolph Giuliani .

So how does Zogby report the poll results? “Giuliani Leads Among Republicans in Latest Blind Bio Survey.” When you compare the actual results to the headline reported, it is insane. Ron Pauls blows everyone away across 90% of the survey and they report the one tiny area that Giuliani wins. They know that Americans only read headlines and believe whatever they read.

From the very first Republican debate when he shocked everyone by winning, Dr. Ron Paul has intrigued me – I am going to have to do some more research – there are a couple things I don’t like about his platform, but as he is the ONLY one who wants to protect our individual freedoms and the Constitition, he may be the only intelligent choice.