261EphraimSalaam15.jpgWhile listening to Ephraim Salaam chat with Channel 2’s Randy McIlvoy Sunday night, I heard him say about the game, “I picked him up, we almost fell. It was a little man-love – nothing wrong with man-love.

I thought nothing of it and then a couple minutes later when asked about cooking Thanksgiving dinner, he explained, “the Butterball is working, we got it all, you know, greased up. You know you got to… massage it…. you got to massage the meat…sometimes you got to massage the…” at which point he cracked up for a second, regained his composure and went on with the interview.

Kudos to Randy though as the nearly pornographic lapse elicited only a tiny smile from him. Within seconds the interview was once again professional and continued as though nothing happened. Funny stuff.