I finally got around to watching Weeds by renting disc one of season one through Netflix. I originally ignored the show because I didn’t have Showtime when it first came out. Even after getting Showtime, it didn’t really appeal to me because a) I don’t like watching shows unless I can see them from the beginning and b) it didn’t sound all that interesting.


After a year or so of people telling me how great the show was – I thought I would at least give it a try. I am still rather torn.

On the one hand – all the suburban sexual hijinx are a bit sophomoric and boring. On the other hand – deep below the silly situations and dumbed-down storylines are characters that you are forced to care about.

Once you get past how over-the-top the characters and story are, you get down to a pretty decent series. The jury is still out as to my long-term interest in Weeds, but I will give it the first season.