Am I the only one that thinks Heroes is suffering from a serious sophomore slump? The story has gotten remarkably less interesting, the twists are slower and almost painful in their predictability, and the filmwork has turned amateurish. The scenes of Sylar and the X-Files black goo-goo eyes chick and her bro driving across Mexico are straight out of old 30’s Hollywood driving shots – a computerized version of rear projection. The exterior shots of Claire’s dad and Eraser Dude walking around in Russia are some of the worst chroma key stuff I have seen in ages – a sin recreated when Peter and Blarney Sue find themselves in New York circa 2008.

I guess if the story were more interesting, I wouldn’t be picking it apart from a craft standpoint, but man this is a big drop off from the first season. I mean come on – environmental agendas, rebuilding New Orleans, oh – and don’t forget the crazy amounts of product placement. It is getting very distasteful. I’ll stick with it despite the shortcomings, but I just wanted to go on record as being disappointed.