I am totally mad right now – NetZero which came up with PrivatePhone.com is stiffing all their users. The premise of their offering was that you were given a free phone number in any area code you desired and it would record messages and deliver them to you via email.

This was a great idea that I have taken full advantage of for the past couple years. Now they are ending the service and leaving their users high and dry – oh yeah, they offer to send your number to another provider who will do it for $20 a month. OUCH.

I am left scrambling because I have three years of podcasts promoting a call-in line that is about to disappear.

I still have a K7 line, but really liked having local numbers for listeners to call. Maybe I can get an 800 number and have it forwarded to my K7? Hmmm… any ideas?

Oh yeah, NetZero BLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!