Dave tells me I haven’t had enough conspiracy theory posts recently. Okay, well how’s this? Abu Dhabi has just become the single largest stockholder in Citigroup for the bargain price of $7.5 billion. Know who the second largest stockholder is? The government of Saudi Arabia.

Citigroup, one of the banks that assisted Enron in hiding their losses in shell corporations is now not even really a US company. It brings to mind another HUGE company taking billions in US tax dollars to operate the war in Irag – Halliburton. You’ll remember they moved their headquarters to Dubai earlier this year.

You tell me – does it matter that US companies are controlled by people that might not have the best interest of the American people at heart? Do you believe that these guys are above doing something that isn’t best for America in favor of higher profits? Do you just choose to ignore it because you feel powerless to do anything anyway? Are you confused as to what I am talking about? What’s your take?