I am now certain that watching The Jerry Springer Show actually destroys brain cells. I have to thank Ron and Machel for introducing me to the show – yes, I am the one that had never seen an episode. The past few weeks had been eye-opening.

12-02-07jerry.JPGIt started innocently enough… they introduced me to one of their guilty pleasures as a way to unwind after a great meal. Here we are weeks later and the parade of rednecks, tramps, ho’s, trannies, cheaters, and intellectual oddities that shocked me so much at first, now seem to be a normal part of society. Could it be that ‘they’ are the real people and that ‘we’ are the unique ones? It sure seems that way.

Last night when a midget, sadist, sex-therapist came out and proceeded to bully the crowd and cover a fat man with cold cuts, mustard and mayo, I knew I had to blog. I had to take a picture and analyze the situation.

The whole thing is akin to the Romans watching the Christians fight the lions. The middle class watches these nutjobs fight each other, butcher the language, and laughs hysterically – all the while feeling quite superior. The show guests get a slightly better deal than the Christians as rather than being put to death, they just get humiliated in front of millions of people.

Some of the setups appear to be staged as you will catch guests holding back smirks while they tell their “story,” but for the most part there does seem to be a nearly limitless supply of weirdness for Springer to cherry pick.

Will I continue to watch Jerry? With friends, yes – its really fun to laugh at the outrageousness with others. Do I think that it is destroying brain cells? Quite possibly – but at the very least, I am not gaining any in the process. Bottom line? I have enough that I can afford an occasion dip in my IQ. 🙂