alison-0221p.jpgIs it wrong that I watch The Biggest Loser while eating? Is it wrong that my favorite part about the show is Alison Sweeney? There is something about her that is mesmerizing. (That word choice is for you Ron 😉 Maybe its because she reminds me of a girl I knew back in high school. (An UBER-HOTTIE)

I find it interesting that the show does nothing to motivate me to workout. It is less about fitness than it is about the “reality” drama formula. I watch the contestants cry over their dramatic transformations and although I root for them and applaud their work – I mainly watch just to see Alison make an appearance.

Sure, the drama occasionally sucks me in… sure, I sometimes feel guilty about not working out while I watch… but hey – it is a TV show right? The purpose is to distract me from my daily life and entertain – mission accomplished.