We took a slightly different route heading back home and decided to swing by Hobbs, New Mexico.

Hobbs was much more of the traditional adobe buildings and sandy surroundings. It is a cool little town surrounded by cotton and peanut fields – a whole lot of agriculture goes on around there.

The agriculture of New Mexico doesn’t hold a candle to Texas though as the cotton and peanut fields in the Lone Star State stretch for as far as the eye can see. The cotton gins are working around the clock with thousands of eighteen-wheeler sized bales stacked nearby awaiting processing.

We witnessed our second scene of carnage as a HUGE mule deer was struck by a Lincoln. The windshield of the car was shattered and the old couple in the car was clearly shaken – the deer didn’t fare as well.

This guy weighed out easily at 300 pounds and dwarfs the deer around South Texas. A couple of locals were also stopped and they were talking about how hunters in the area have been after this buck for the last five years. It’s a shame that he met his demise in such a senseless way after all those years of eluding hunters.