boycottfox.jpgDespite the fact that Dr. Ron Paul has raised more money than ANY CANDIDATE IN HISTORY, and that Paul has won both previous debates according to polls, FOX News has decided that he is ‘not a serious candidate.’ If ever there was a call-to-arms, this is it!

I don’t care whether you like Dr. Paul or not… a person’s politics should have nothing to do with this issue. This is about FOX News using the power of the media to shut out free speech and thumb their nose at democracy. We get the government we deserve, and if we do nothing about this injustice… we deserve to continue to elect the most corrupt among us.

Write to your FOX affiliate and complain, boycott FOX, blog about how despicable an act this is, picket your local FOX affiliate. Do something – even if it is just to complain to a coworker. This is a disgusting perversion of our already sickening election system.