That’s right. It wasn’t the cute little gecko. It wasn’t even the way-cool-cavemen-turned-lame-sitcom. It was the fact that Farmer’s Insurance keeps making it very hard to pay them.

My insurance was canceled for the second time because of the same situation. I pay every six months so it isn’t a bill that is always on my mind. Instead of a gentle reminder in the form of a bill about a month before the due date, I got the following.

Two days AFTER the cancellation date, I got a notice of “pending” cancellation. Two days AFTER that, I got a bill of the “upcoming” due amount. Both of these correspondences came after the freakin’ cancellation date.

Doing this one time is forgivable. I will even forgive that when it happened last, my agent was hard to get in touch with and it took several days to straighten out. I won’t forgive Farmer’s again screwing up by sending me bills after the cancellation date and once again being unable to reach my agent.

The Geico agent was very helpful and despite the fact that she often slid into sales mode, it was pretty painless. After finally convincing her that “nothing” she could say would make my decision – only answering my questions with numbers I liked would do the trick, she had all the right answers.

At the end of the conversation, I am spending about $10 more per month, but I doubled my coverage limits and feel more confident that in the event of a future billing screwup, I will be able to talk to someone right away to fix it.

Oh, and the quote on the above image is actually how she ended the conversation. Awwwww. 🙂