Hey, it was the only pun I could think of. 🙂


Although I initially lauded Medium as one of the few good shows to come around in awhile, it seems to have slipped. I am not sure if it is due to the writer’s strike or these are just episodes they had in the can that aren’t very good. What I am sure of is that the show has been getting progressively more stupid and transparent.

I am hoping it is just evidence that scab writers suck and that the show will bounce back, but geez – it is getting hard to watch.

I mean how many shows does Joe have to wake up after Allison gasps and say “Huh… what’s is it?” These dreams are still a surprise to him?

There used to be a little mystery in Allison’s visions – you used to have to pay attention a bit. Now, whether it is bad writing or incredibly stupid directing, they hit the audience over the head with “the clues.” They don’t just focus on what you need to see, but they play dramatic music, pause on the point being made, and show you replays of it over and over for the really stupid viewers.

The last three episodes have been “poop on a stick.” Someone please tell me that they know for a fact things are going to get better or this one is going on the trash heap with the rest of the television “entertainment.”