overworked.jpgAm I the only one who feels like I need a break? I thought the holidays were a time to relax with family and unwind. Not a chance. I am in the middle of three separate website launches, a couple of press conferences, more sporting events than you can shake a stick at, dozens of phone calls all over North America, several video projects, trying to get my house cleaned, and oh yeah… all the regular stuff I do in the course of a week.

I know I need to disappear for a week and forget about everything else, but there is just too much going on right now. And you know what? Despite all the hustle and stress, I am having a great time. Tony D. pointed it out the other day in a meeting – I seem to perform better when I am right on the edge of dropping the dozen juggled balls. Not just from the standpoint of getting so much done, but because I don’t have time to over analyze or dawdle, I make better decisions and actually perform each task more effectively.

That said… a break sure does sound nice. 🙂