connieselleca.jpgI just got disc one of The Greatest American Hero from NetFlix and was jolted back to the early 80’s not by the site of William Katt in that familiar red suit, but by my long-forgotten crush, Connie Sellecca. Oh, how I did love Ms. Selleca. She played the love interest and attorney of our (greatest America) hero. Seeing her not only reminded me of five years of GAH love, but her stint on Hotel as well.

Connie went on to marry John Tesh and even make a good bit of money with her own line of skin products – Selleca Solution or something similar. In a couple of the episodes she looks a lot like a younger, hotter version of that chick from Sex in the City – Sarah whatshername.

veronicahamel.jpgThose were the days of gorgeous brunette attorneys on television. During that same era, my unrequited love was not limited to Connie Selleca… I also spent many a late night in the company of attorney, Joyce Davenport of Hill Street Blues. Yes, Veronica Hamel was not only extremely easy on the eyes, but a damn fine actress.

Oh, who am I kidding? I have no idea if she could act. I turned to jelly when she came on the screen. What teenage boy wouldn’t turn lose his mind at the sight of such a hottie.

For the record… Veronica gets the edge.