Okay, so I have been coming back and forth to San Marcos regularly for months now and what I thought was an anomaly at first, has proven to be a recognizable trait. My impression has been that people here are just a little happier, a little nicer, and maybe just a little more pleased with their lives. The clincher has come in a series of walks Lou and I have taken around the city.

In Houston, Lou and I do our morning walk in the big blue room come rain or shine every morning. This walk takes us past lines and lines of commuters heading off to work. In the past few years, the closest things I have gotten to a reaction was maybe a smile a year by one of the slowly moving motorists. One a year!


I have walked Lou a couple dozen times in San Marvelous and every single time we get smiles. Not only that – most of the time we get waves from people, and twice I have had some sort of verbal interaction with someone on their morning drive. Yeah, they actually stopped the vehicle, rolled down the window, and said “Cute dog” or “Nice morning for a walk.” I am not exaggerating.

Now, trust me – I know that Lou himself is the one spreading all that joy – afterall, “Everybody Loves Lou.” But, Lou spreads happiness wherever he goes – here, it just seems to get returned.

Is my analysis scientific? Nope. Could I just be showing my own bias for being here? Sure. Am I going to surmise that people in San Marcos are happier despite this non-objective premise? Well, that is the purpose of this post. 🙂