Can you believe it? Another installment of “Lyrically speaking…” that features a Roger Miller track. Yes, he is one of my favorite word smiths. Here is the beginning of Jason Fleming, a fun diddy about a real swinging daddy-o.

“Bottles flying, women crying,
ceiling sagging, ’bout to fall
Jason Fleming, chasing women,
pickin’ fights with one & all

Now Jason Fleming’s quite a man
he raises cain with who he can
he goes out nightly and has a ball
and whoops it up from wall to wall
tells the band to play it slow
‘now you play it slow you, or out you go’
Jason Fleming, chasing women,
he’s a swinging daddy-o”

Roger Miller - King of the Road - The Genius of Roger Miller - Jason Fleming

Man, he is so good at painting a picture with words. Within just a few short words, you know all about Jason Fleming. You can picture the juke joint, the cigarette smoke in the air, the patrons, bartender, everything. Great stuff.