Selections from my personal journal during college.

I’m looking at my calendar now for the month of April. It started off Saturday April 1st.

I trained for the Tour de Pines by riding a 50 mile ride. Terry assisted me by filling my water bottles as I passed. I did it in 3 hours and 45 minutes. The 3rd, I had an appointment with the Texas Employment Commission – trying to pick up a third job. The 5th, I met with one of my teachers, Tommy Fleming, to plan my schedule for the Fall and Summer. (He used to pitch in the minors for the Yankees.) The next day, I went out with Margie to see the Disney movie “The Rescuers.” It was a fun date.

Nothing big happened until that Saturday. We had an all-day party out by the pool and I convinced Janie to go to Fight Night with me (amateur boxing.) I had just met her on Tuesday (after much prodding by both of our friends that we should meet.) It was, as I wrote later on my calendar (the time of my life.)

Janie and I had a great time and after Fight Night, we came back to the apartment complex and went over to Amy and Stacie’s room. We sat around there awhile – Kelly and Tonya were teaming up on me and ragging on me – they were jealous of Janie!

This entry is good reading and VERY long… that is why I have created an extended entry – if you want to hear what happened … read on.

They all decided to go to a party, but I opted to stay home – after deliberation, Janie did too. We went upstairs to my apartment and started to talk. I popped in a 6-hour long tape of music videos… one thing led to another and we started kissing.

About 1:00AM Dave came in – by this time, Janie and I were rolling around on the floor. When Dave opened the door, it struck Janie in the head and startled us out of our passion. Dave hung around talking to us (he was drunk) for what seemed an eternity. We sat biding our time until Dave went to bed and then returned to what we were doing.

At 7:00 AM, we were finishing up and I walked her home – the apartment below mine.

Unfortunately, I was so smitten by the encounter that I proved to be a bit unchallenging for her – leaving notes on her car each morning and things like that. Just as I thought things were cooling off between us, there was a repeat performance the following Saturday – although not nearly as lengthy.

Speaking of time, it’s 2 1/2 weeks until Summer at which time she will graduate and go back to Dallas. I graduate in December, and I don’t want to have a huge layoff before I resume the relationship. We will see how that goes – on to current events.

In basketball, the Pistons finished the regular season with the best record and my Lakers dropped to second. Feat not, Laker fans, I feel a 3rd consecutive NBA championship coming on. In football, my team the Dallas Cowboys drafted Troy Aikman. He could go a long way towards helping them regain their dominance. In baseball, my team, the New York Yankees, are 1.5 games out of first place – which is amazing considering their 7 game losing streak in the first 8 games. In world news – clean up efforts continue in Prince William Sound, Alaska as the oil spill from the Exxon tanker Valdez remains.

I ran a mile today in Body Mechanics with a time of 6:18 – not great, but better than most. I’m going to help Terry on his computer project today – all semester I’ve been doing his projects. He has an A average on them, and a C average on the tests. Hot songs out now – “Forever Your Girl” by Paula Abdul, a remake of “Rock On”, and “She’s Got the Look” by Swedish band, Roxette.

My dad called me yesterday and said Tim (my brother) cut himself real bad and was in surgery – apparently, his hand? I’m gonna call today to find out. I have a skills test in Gymnastics in 20 minutes – I’m average.

Well, that’s enough for now – maybe tomorrow I’ll add news about Amy, Jamie, and Stacie. (In reading back, I realized that I never mentioned it, but I’ve had contact lenses for over a year now.)

Holy crap – this is, by far, the longest entry. Interesting range of topics. I am very pleased that I remembered to put some historical reference data – it helps put what is going on in my life into context.