Pop quiz – what does it mean when you blinker starts making that little blinker noise twice as fast as normal? Interestingly enough, when mine started, I looked over an unnamed friend and said, “You know what that sound means!” He had no idea (which is why his identity is not revealed.)

I then figured I would take a quick test and called five other friends to see if it really was common knowledge. Turns out that 42.85% of the male friends I called did NOT know that a blinker going at double-time means that one of the bulbs is burned out.

Long story short, it was time to change the rear signal light on the Focus. Being the weirdo I am, I decided that some photo journalism was in order.


1 – The offender – left rear signal light. I headed over to Pep Boys and after the counter chick looked it up, I grabbed the bulb off the shelf.
2 – So far so good. Only one visible screw. Unscrew and tug – nothing… better look on the inside.
3 – Aha, a wingnut. There is a little cutout circle on the inside and when you reach up in there, you can unscrew the plastic nut with your fingers. Tug – nothing… hmmm?
4 – After tugging waaay to hard and fearing breakage, I searched the internet and found an article saying that the seal is pretty tough and that you should pry it with something while tugging. It was a lifesaver. After I found a non-scratching pry tool, it popped off.
5 – A simple twist pops out the bulb socket.
6 – Pull to remove the old one and slip in the new one. Put light back together.

Overall, it was pretty simple and the Gray Ghost is back on the road and back making legal turn indications.