I am really starting to like Last.FM


I liked it quite a bit when I first discovered it back in 2004. Being a statistical nut, it was right up my alley. I could see how many times I played songs, charts of my most played for the week, month, all-time etc. Seriously, this was good stuff.

You have to realize that this sort of information has always been fascinating to me. I am the guy that took a trunk full of cassettes away to college and kept a chart of each tape. I would put a tally next to the tape each time I played it – I compiled my all-time list, my monthly charts – all of this same stuff… but I did it by hand. (Yeah maybe a little OCD… but I enjoyed it.)

Then when Last.FM showed up, I could have the same info without all the psychosis… way cool!

So why rant about it now? Well, I have recently really started using a feature of Last.FM that I had been ignoring… the playlist player.

You tag songs that you like and it adds them to your playlist – no big deal right? Well, since there are tens of thousands of FULL tracks on the site, the new playlist player will create your very own high-quality streaming radio station with just the songs you like, no ads, no interruption… just your favorite music. I stream it all day long at work.

Of course there are a few minor annoyances – some bands/artists are not yet up to speed on how new media works and thus do not upload their tracks. No biggie, the selection is so good that I rarely hear a song repeated. The player itself is a bit limited in what I can do with it. I am going to embed a version of it here.