One of the unfortunate things about coming in to fix, kick start, or reinvigorate a company, is that personnel changes are unavoidable. Afterall, if said company had all the right people, doing all the right things, there would be nothing to fix.

Over a month ago, I was put in the position of having to ask someone to either step up and do the job, or take the opportunity to resign. He chose to walk. Everything about the departure was professional. He was allowed to resign, given a overly generous severance package, and given best wishes toward his next endeavor.

In a case of someone that clearly doesn’t understand the “rising tide raising all boats” theory, he took the cash, smiled in a friendly manner, and then proceeded to mail anyone and everyone that he was starting a competing business and that they should pull their support for our company.

I am all for someone creating competition – I welcome people in this business space. I just think this was a D*CK move to mail our customers, employees, friends, and anyone who would listen and spout off disparaging comments. It is sad to me that this person thinks this is a way to do business.

The great news is that NOBODY is taking him serious. He is a slacker, a criminal, and a lazy blamer. Because of this, he will never be a success in his new venture and has only succeeded in reinforcing the opinion that he is immature, dishonest, and untrustworthy.

Despite his poor judgment, I hope that as a person he will grow and come to realize that when you start flinging mud, you end up being the dirty one.