Those of you who follow the twitter feed heard about my unexpected visit to the vet with Lou this morning. On our morning walk, I noticed what appeared to be some hair loss around his “back side.” Upon further inspection (stop reading if you are squeamish) I noticed that one of his anal glands was red and swollen. This is something that vets see often and is rarely anything serious.

Once at the vet, they tried to manually “express” the gland but it proved to painful to my Buddy Lou. They suggested that they could do a better job of it if he were under anesthesia.

After much trepidation, I agreed and they took him away. I have always feared putting a pet under because I have heard scary stories. When I actually researched the percentages, it turns out that veterinary medicine has either come a long way since then, or that is just one of the urban legends that just won’t persist.

A couple hours later when the vet tech called saying that Lou is fine, I was able to breathe again.


He was a bit spacey – not only in appearance – because of the pain medication and he looked like a sleepy child fighting sleep as he would droop his head and snap back to attention again and again.


The “cone of silence” is still driving him nuts, but he seems to be adjusting okay. I doubt seriously I am going to be able to get him to leave it on for the week they recommend.

Thank you to everyone that sent your good vibes and wishes to him.