Long time readers will know that my two favorite comic book heroes are The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man. While I was a bit disappointed in parts of the Hulk movie, I still gave it a 9 rating based on how much I really dig the big greenie.

ironm.jpgI will also say that when I heard Robert Downey Jr. was pegged to play Tony Stark, I was more than skeptical – I was mad. I assumed that once the film unveiled the Iron Man suit I wouldn’t care that Downey is once again waaaay too small to play the tall, powerful billionaire. (Don’t even get me started on how wrong the casting was for Cyclops in the X-Men movies.)

I have to admit that Downey did a very good job portraying Tony Stark so that is forgiven. Frankly, I am pleased that this romp wasn’t people by teeny boppers as with recent superhero fare – it’s nice to have an actor that fits the character age. However, the movie once again took an excellent story and rewrote it for no apparent reason. I am okay with updating the timeline. It didn’t HAVE to be done, but it doesn’t bother me as the comic books had already done a retelling. (Pull me aside sometime for the list of departures from the mythology.)

All of the nitpicks aside… once the red and gold armored superhero hit the screen, I was in. I could watch Iron Man fly, fight, and blast through baddies for hours. In fact, that was the biggest shortcoming… not enough suit time. Did we really need the faceplate flipped up for so many scenes – NOBODY was here to see Robert Downey Jr. – we were here to see ‘Ol Shellhead.

As some country singer says though, “I like it, I love it… I want some more of it!”

RATING 9 out of 10

Note that the Iron Man review may seem to disagree with the rating scale. This has been something I have been questioned on quite a bit with my film reviews. The short answer is that the rating is how much I liked the film, while the review is an opportunity to expose the details of it from the standpoint of story telling and film craft.

Think of it this way… You may have the most adorable mutt dog. If you took it to the Westminster Dog Show, they might be able to point out hundreds of flaws (the review) but at the end of the day, you love the dog (the rating.)