The “news magazine” Dateline NBC has never been one of the higher brow shows, but it appears to have sunk to a new low Sunday night. The show renowned for lowest-common-denominator journalism isn’t catching predators, busting myths, or even telling a harrowing story of survival. This time around they are counting down the top ten messiest celebrity meltdowns.

This whole show looks like it was purchased lock, stock, and voyeuristic barrel from VH1. You know them – they are the fine folks that bring you “The 40 Most Awesomely Bad Songs,” “100 Most Shocking Moments in….” etc.

The format is simple… find something to count down – find about a dozen D-list celebs to reel off one-liners like “Are you kidding girl? she was like melting down in front of everyone” – intercut fast clips and photos of the shocking event – move on the #?.

Dateline NBC is now officially dead to me. As least when they were creating news by entrapment, there was at least some issue to discuss and debate. This is brain cell destruction on steroids… you WILL be less intelligent after watching – guaranteed.