I remembered hearing something about Joystix a month or so ago but never really knew what it was until Friday. Blake and I were heading into Houston to meet with my contractor, pick up some stuff from my house there and then head on to Victoria Saturday.

As we were approaching Houston, I got a call from Tony D who invited us to check out this cool place he had heard about. The deal is that they have roughly 200 classic and modern video games in a gameroom downtown. For $15 you can play all night (9PM – 2AM roughly) for free. All the games are set for free play – hit the start button and soon you are off to gobble dots in Pac Man, create culinary treats in Burger Time or Root Beer Tapper, or save the universe from invaders in a host of games.

Just inside the door, our first stop was “Time Crisis” the buddy guy genre shoot em up. It is the first time I went all the way through the game as back in the day I would run out of quarters long before the story ended.

QUESTION: I posted the images to my brightkite account, but didn’t have Joystix placemarked (I have since discovered it is already on there.) Does anyone know how to move a post from one location to another at brightkite?