Okay, by now everyone is aware of my distaste for Terrell Owens. Two years ago, his antics had built up to enough reason to stop watching my beloved Cowboys.

Well, I may be softening that stance. I started watching the second season of HBO’s Hard Knocks, (I know they have had several seasons, but they started the show with the Dallas Cowboys and have finally gone back to America’s Team, so in my book, this is only the second season) and I have actually been impressed with T.O.

That’s right – he is the hardest working member of the team, he has one of the most positive attitudes, and he actually works with his teammates instead of against them. I don’t know if it is a maturation on his part or a clever ploy by his handlers – but I haven’t seen his usual distasteful attitude or laziness anywhere. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still have never heard a public apology for his distasteful disrespect of the star at Texas Stadium.

The upshot of all this? I will be watching the Cowboys this season, and I will continue to give Owens credit when he behaves like an adult, but will NEVER forgive his actions until he mans up and apologizes for earlier actions.