Okay, its not the best in the state (City Market in Luling still holds that title) but we have a new #1 barbeque place in San Marcos – Woody’s BBQ. The brisket is top notch, very juicy and full of great spices. The sausage is similar to the stuff at Krewe’s and Black’s in Lockhart – a finer ground meat than City Market and very tasty.

The location is a bit more diner-like than the traditionally great barbecue joints but I won’t hold that against it.  While you do get your grub on butcher paper, they have the added touch of home by providing trays and plastic silverware rather than just your fingers.

I still haven’t tried the ribs yet, so I have not yet figured out where they go in my all-time list, but rest assured – I will take care of that soon.

You know its Texas BBQ if I take the Gray Ghost offroading just to find a parking spot.  (It was actually much more slippery than it appears from the picture.)  haha