That is what I said over the phone to my buddy Mike Wright this afternoon.  His response?  “I know what you just saw.”  Yeah, we were both looking up some high school football schedules on the Houston Chronicle’s website, both hit the sports section at the same time, and both saw this:

Lance Armstrong to compete in 2009 Tour de France

Yeah.  This is stunning news.  Maybe he feels he “still has it,”  maybe he feels that the international cycling bodies will keep the cheaters/dopers out of the mix.  I haven’t even read the article yet – I am just soaking in the possibilities.

I wonder if he would ride with Team Columbia to reunite with George Hincapie?  That would be too cool.  More likely though, the businessman in Armstrong would create a new team that creates a HUGE windfall of income for this “last hurrah.”  You can bet I will be watching this story.