You know I have never been afraid of doing some yardwork, but that took on a whole new meaning this weekend. I spent the last two days cleaning up from Ike and using the excuse to just cleanup in general around my backyard.

With the help of my excellent neighbors, I got all of the backyard jungle tamed, all of the broken and dead limbs removed and took care of moving broken sections of fence etc.

The net result is a boatload of stuff for the garbage crews to haul off.

The only real downer of the weekend was that the electricity is still not up in my neighborhood so when you got all sweaty and wanted to take a break with some water… there was neither ice nor air conditioning.    I managed to keep a small supply of ice by keeping water, soft drinks, and PowerAde in my ice chest.

The first night, I stayed at the house and opened the windows.  It was a little stuffy, but cool enough to sleep.  The second night was over at Tony V’s house – ooooooh  the A/C was awesome!

As I was leaving the neighborhood this afternoon for San Marcos, there were several CenterPoint Energy boom trucks in the neighborhood, so I expect power to be on soon.  This will probably mean another trip down there soon.