Well, they have reached a deal on the bailout plan – yippee! It isn’t a deal about what is right for the economy. It isn’t a deal about the hypocrisy of the entire idea of bailing out their campaign contributors. It isn’t a deal that bails out Joe Citizen. It’s simply a deal about who’s political cronies get how much money.

How did they pull off the single largest fiscal scam on the American public? Well pretty much the same way the pulled of the longest-running fiscal scam (the War on Terror) – they simply scared us. Our elected officials (which is debatable in itself) have learned about the power of fear. A scared populace doesn’t ask questions. A scared populace doesn’t even question actions that they know feel wrong.

In their move to “save the economy” Washington goombahs are going to put a serious hurt on the economy. Don’t worry though, the press will spin it to read “Whew, can you imagine how bad it would have been without the bailout.” Puh-leese