I find it interesting how all the commercial areas of my part of Houston got up and running extremely fast. If it was a place that had something for sale, power was restored right away. After that, it seemed that the “high dollar” parts of town got their power restored. I guess us “po folks” just have to wait for our evil overlords to be kind enough to bestow electricity upon us. 🙂

Seriously, I completely understand the prioritization of grocery stores, building supply companies, etc. We need those things to survive and/or begin the rebuilding process. The thing that gets me is how a nail salon or ass whitening company can get their power up before a neighborhood of middle-class homes. (Okay, I can’t verify that any ass-whitening companies got power first – I am not sure if we even have any companies that do that in Houston… I was just trying to come up with a business that wasn’t critical to rebuilding Houston.)

In any event, I am sitting in Panera Bread right now, editing a Lone Star Gridiron bonus show last night and charging the battery on my laptop before heading back to the sweltering heat and sucky yardwork.