Hurricane Ike radar pictureI have gotten several emails, twitters, etc. from friends around the country wondering how I weathered (pun intended) Hurrican Ike.  A lot of them had no clue that I have relocated from Houston to San Marcos, but some that were well aware of it just heard “hurricane hits Texas” and figured that means we are all hit.  FYI, this is a BIG state.  🙂  We haven’t had a drop of rain and the wind only picked up to gusts of maybe 10mph at most.

Now, I am not a meteorologist by any stretch, but it appears that the hot, dry air over Northern and Central Texas is what forced the thing to turn North and Eastward.  The net result here is that last night while Houstonians were witnessing strong winds and driving rain, I was at a football game sitting in a 90 degree press box in Fredericksburg.  Oh yeah, and before the game, we decided to hike up Enchanted Rock since the weather was sooooo beautiful.  (hehe)

(pics from my first visit there in 2004)

I have talked with several of my friends who reported in safely and the only real damage I have heard of at my house in Houston is that several sections of the backyard fence have been knocked down and the power is out in the neighborhood.  I was not surpised at either of those because the power goes out and the fence slats come down with every sprinkle or rainstorm we get.