Presidential Debate report cardIt is time once again for my debate report card.  I have been doing these for some time when an important debate is aired.  The criteria for grading is purely based on my opinion.

Every time a candidate says the right thing (i.e. something I agree with) he gets a check in the “Right” column. Every time something wrong is said, a check in the “Wrong” column. Also, every time there is an attempt to spin or dodge the question, there was a check in the “Spin/Dodge” column.

This debate turned largely on foreign relations and the economy.  If you read some of my recent posts, you would understand that I think these subjects are more sizzle than steak and just a spin move being used by both sides to avoid talking about some of the more important issues that affect us.  If I were grading on the Bell Curve, Obama would pass and McCain would fail, but the prospects for either one winning looks to me like a whole lot of politics as usual.  The lesser of two evils however, is clearly Senator Obama.

Keep in mind that I am as completely independent as they come.  In fact, both of these candidates rated extremely poor when it came to their individual party debates. (see Rep’in the Right and Dem’s the Breaks)

Let’s start with a pet peeve of mine – spin.  This is how the two candidates fared across the entire debate as to their habit of avoiding the question.

45% Spin – John McCain is the king of spin.  Nearly HALF of everything that came out of his mouth in this debate was an attempt to avoid or obfuscate the issue.
27% Spin – Barrack Obama is no stranger to spin.  One third of is much better than McCain’s tally, but still, coming in second place in the Ugliest Pig Contest is nothing to be proud of.

Lets talk simple “right and wrong.”  Here Obama, who performed dismally in the Democratic debates a year ago (see above link) blew away McCain.

56% Correct – Just over half of the time, the things Senator Obama spoke made sense and represented standing up and doing the right thing.
29% Correct – For shame…  if over two-thirds of a person’s yapping is either dead wrong or misdirection, he/she is a poor choice to lead anything.

Some other interesting numbers:

On the subject of Foreign Affairs/Relations in general Obama spanked McCain (62% Obama – 27% McCain)  McCain fell woefully behind Obama with respect to relations with every country covered (Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan) with the exception of Russia.  Both candidates found it easy to say the right thing here.  (63% Obama – 60% McCain)

Both Obama and McCain failed to pull a passing grade on the Economy (combined score of 45%) and the Bailout (combined score of 34%).

Overall, there was a lot of smoke and mirrors.  Only lip service was paid to the major issue of energy independence and renewable sources for the same.  If the bailout is such and big emergency that can be addressed IMMEDIATELY with $700 BILLION, why do both candidates only come up with 10 year plans to address something MORE vital to US security AND the economy – the energy issue, and why do both candidates choose the most “you guys have to be retarded to buy this” of all new energy solutions – clean coal.  That is like saying “dry” water.  If you buy that as a solution – then I guess you deserve the politicians you elect.

The entire debate can be viewed here and if you are interested in getting my complete breakdown in Excel format, just shoot me an email. [email protected][dot]com

Now get out there and make informed decisions. Don’t believe me, decide for yourself.