I spotted something this morning that I just had to stop and snap.  First, I apologize if the visual strikes you as distasteful.   Apparently, some inconsiderate dog owner walked their massive pooch by someone’s front door at the apartment complex – when the resident saw it, he/she took the time to post a little note covering what they thought about about the jerk.


How do you do that?  How do you let your dog take a massive dump on someone else’s property and walk away feeling that its okay to leave it there?  These are the type of people that shouldn’t have dogs.  That’s part of the deal.  You take care of them – you feed them right – you exercise them – you provide a good environment for them – and yes, you pick up after them.

If you have a dog and do not pick up the poo created then you, like the target of the above sign are a jerk. If you do the right thing for your furry friend and neighbors – then kudos to you!